As for these times

My humankind

I need to say

I lack the words

So let me use my brothers ones:


We called the Earth One Flower of the Sky.

The Sky we called the Infinite Garden of Life.


Like roses rejoice in tiny golden dust,

We spoke,

The valoury rays of sunlight rejoice the earth.


She is a glorious and living Being,

We spoke,

Divine when crossing fire,

When mild and vivid water

Comes swelling from her heart.


At all times fortunate to feed herself

Of dewdrops or of thundery clouds

Which she prepares for pleasuries

Assisted by the sky,

The ever faithful loving half of the Sungod,

Possibly primarily earnestly unified

Though then divided by all-presiding fate.


So she would search him, near him, detach her Self

And full of lust and dolour could grow to upmost beauty.


So we spoke.


I give you the substance, the spirit.

But what is it without the Life?


(freely translated from Hölderlin´s Hyperion 1797/1799)