“There is war between the rich and poor, a war between the man and the woman. There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn´t.”

Leonard Cohen, 1973

War of consciousness and frequencies…2020

On a day in march 2020- when the corona requirements started all over the world- I had a vision:

In one moment races and borders, rich and poor, male and female, all categories of former division were suddenly bygone. 

I saw the world being divided into two groups of people:

“Humanists” and “Transhumanists”.

People who respect nature and personal responsibility of humankind and thus are rooted on and in unison with our planet earth, its natural laws and its residents and people who mistrust humanity and nature so much that they would rather leave this planet behind and give all responsibility to machines and techniques that by time will more and more adapt and overcome humankind.

Possibly people are devided by the fact that some feel very deeply and others resist it for whatever reason. I do not judge it. I wish they could speak their truth, learn from another and find a solution that enables humankind to find a way to connect all human abilities in order to enter a bright future.

Back to the vision:

In one single moment relationships, friendships and families all over this world were tested. People were forced to deeply examine their perception and choose in between trust and control. To their astonishment very often they had to face that the ones they love most had chosen the other side.

After some time the virus had killed emotional bounds all around the world and this virus I talk about was not one that came from nature.

It was programmed by some people in order to lower frequencies, to spread fear, depression, confusion and separation.

Suddenly it was almost equal where on this planet someone lived. In a positive sense after all those wars about ownership, ego and borders we could sense that we actually are a collective. In a negative sense we were collectively scared by something that was unknown and totally out of control.

The fear was masked the fear of physical death by a virus. But the death of social cohesion transformed the fear into a virus causing the literal death of souls and humanness.

The more people got infected by fear the more they were disposed to leave the light and get used to living in the shadows. By time they were freely willing to exchange freedom for an illusionary security.

As we all know life always ends with death. Fear is never a good advisor but it is historically, socially and psychologically well known and approved in terms of spreading confusion and gaining power over people.

The programmed virus had been installed and had been growing decades before in a neoliberal and capitalistic system while most of the people were working hard on affording a life or finding a work-life balance and a vanishing tiny amount of people who made enormous profits at their, their children’s and the whole planet’s expense.

At that time people were trained to believe in any kind of statistics but for whatever reason this simple bill seemed to be too simple to believe, to relate to or to make a change.

Where we are now is where this system has led us.

There is a positive message to all of this : Every system failed so far.

We as human beings are no computers and even if we would like to define ourselves as machines: 

We are programmed by our own minds and in our hearts and honest inner wisdom we know: There are rules that exist despite and above all those that have ever been made by humans. They are called the principles of nature and we live because of and within these. Always. 

Since thousands of years people have respected and known the hermetic laws, for example the law of resonance. If we continue or now decide to respect these we will find trust, love, abundance and peace.  

Nature pursuits balance. And all living beings are part of nature. We cannot separate ourselves from it. If we ruin our planet or other beings we ruin our own system. Inwardly and outwardly. As the outside mirrors the inside. As above so below. As in atoms so in all. 

It is time to overcome fear. It is time to get rid of all masks. It is time to start feeling and stop overthinking. It is time to act. With our minds and hearts balanced. It is time to ask our soul why it has chosen to come here in this time and the answer will be: we came to choose and live love. Each of us is able to do so. 

Love is the only almighty power on this wonderful planet Earth.

It is a real good medicine for a healthy life.

And it will change ALL.



I have to admit: In the past weeks my brain did not work properly. I was in a permanent state of obfusation. Although I have not watched television for over 20 years and although I mostly restrict myself from reading the news (as I am hypersensitive and often not able to do anything else but cry afterwards) there was no way of not being involved in all those feelings and thoughts coming from everywhere and there was no way that I was even getting near to a clear vision. And I feel that this is a worldwide and collective phenomena.

I will not talk about the things that are in the newspapers, socialmediaplatforms and television. I will talk about what comes from my heart and inner vision as this is the only thing I can trust and speak about without doubting or overquestioning it permanently.

For many weeks people around the planet were forced to stay at home. It does not matter what each of us struggled with the most. Important is that the struggle is something we learn from as human beings.

And what we learned will change the way we are and act.

I have learned that the time we live in is a time of major change and that this major change is dependent on every tiny feeling each of us is going through and each little thought we are sending out.

I feel that corona and the time before has led to a collective breakdown of trust.

I will not blame a system, a newspaper or any person. As I said: this is collective and not only because of corona and because the lockdown was worldwide.

Indeed this is a universal thing. For thousands of years humans have exploited not only the planet in a material sense but also in a nonmaterial sense. As everything on earth develops in thriving fractal spirals the capitalistic system is just a mirror for where we are now.

Since I was a school kid politicians, economists and scientists have been talking about the need to educate better, to operate economically, to think and act globally. All of us have been talking about the importance of humanity, equality, healthcare, green business solutions, sustainability, empathy. Many of us have learned breathing techniques, yoga, embodiment, etc…and let´s be honest- many of us in this western world have experienced major psychological or physical breakdowns in the past ten years. Because we are what we consume.

We have overloaded our inner and outer system and still we have consciously and subconsciously tried to keep it going. And as Mother Earth is just as us a living and feeling being-we have done the same to her. She has started a little moaning but never did she get as angry as our folks.

Many people and organisations have tried to make a change and still could not stop the “almighty monetary” system from steeling our health, hearts and souls.

Now here we are.

This is our time.

And we need to see it as a chance.

This is the change we have been waiting for and talking about.

This is the time to take responsibility and to see clearly.

This is the time to feel and speak our inner truth.

It is time to do the same that our planet is doing at the moment.

It is time to take time for all things we did not have the time for before:





Rewind and Restore.



(all the things that are actually already here as we have been reading, talking and workshopping about them for many many years)

For example:

Look in the mirror.

Question yourself what you are here for.

Leave your bubble.

Be true.

Nourish your feelings.

Open your heart.


But then. BE HAPPY!

We don´t need more hardship.

We need HEARTship.

Try something you haven´t done before.

Do not step in footsteps for a change.

Ask your fear where it exactly comes from.

Ask your beloved ones what they exactly wish for.

Change patterns you do not like.

Ask yourself: How does my future look like?

What can I do to make it happen?

Do not read or listen and do not watch television

(and even if it´s just for an hour, a day or a week)

I am sure that this is the time to learn individually.

Everyone will learn for the self.

Knowledge and peace will come from within.

And if you need help – don´t be ashamed.


This is our time.

This is the time that questions and teaches how to be human again.

This is a time that we and our planet were wishing for.

It is a good time.

And it depends on YOU.



Everyday I try to unlock perplexity. And everyday I find even more confusing news and impressions. I am trying to put the puzzle pieces together but actually –  I am speechless…about the oddity of this situation, about the spreading conformity of free persons and about the pondering silence of well-educated people.

By now all of you know I am an artist and a healer. By now none of the things I do are any kind of systemically relevant. No more need for culture and no more need for alternative methods that both have been healing and nurturing humankind for thousands of years…I could start to feel small and senseless but actually I feel I have been waiting for this moment ever since I chose to come on this planet for another round of adventure.

So : Even though I feel confused I will try to say some things as I miss reading them from others.

What is happening these days is full of potential but I see mostly helpless people. And of course many that are clamping…to their power, to their ego, to their money, to …  fear? however…

I feel everyone that respects democracy is responsable to question, to overthink and to speak their truth. I guess if we do not we must accept we will not be allowed to in the future.

They call this Corona Crisis. I like to call it the Crisis of Crest. It sounds like a movie, it suggests some equivocal humor or spiritual option of interpretation and it makes everyone feel much more positive right away. I like to see people smiling and I see no reason to wear a mask for immaterial output.

I do admit I feel subliminal things of all  kinds happening these days and the obvious output rather makes me feel de-pressed, but as I start to write again I am very aware that noone needs any more negative thoughts.

I know that the only way to stay healthy as a human being is to stay positive and finally take over responsability for our own lives and for our planet.

I feel this Crisis is here to overcome things that are not needed any longer. So instead of adapting to panic  let´s welcome the opportunity of transformation.



Now that I am calling out to you,  I find out it might need some explanation why I do believe some of us need an A P O, which is defined on wikipedia as: Outerparliamental Opposition and on this page forming many other synonyms.

This is a rather long post. Thank you for taking some time.

I am trying to first observe some of my personal positive energies as well as some weaknesses to then broaden it to human society or the world which we share as individual creatures.

Let´s start with three powers:

I am open-minded. I am very creative. I try to become a better person and learn all my life.

…My Path is wide open. I can change it all the time.

There are three things that make me outrageous and not being a good version of myself: The first thing is ignorance, the second is unfair behaviour or treatment, the third one is misunderstanding or dis-understanding.

…My Path becomes restricted. (Obstacles are being created by outer actions causing inner reactions causing other outer reactions and so on)

Three weaknesses: I am hypersensitive. I tend to be either overwhelmed or scared very easily. I tend to let emotions control reason.

(I find out that once you master hypersensitivity it is also a great talent)

…I tend to stand in my own Path.

By knowing the positive forces and weaknesses, I can work on balancing them, change and overcome these obstacles.

The reason I do not want to call the A P O by a defined name is:

I think we are judging and defining way too much.

The reason I am calling out to other creators: I cannot get rid of having a bad conscience about the behavior of mankind and myself being part of this. In my opinion our running system does provide many restrictions for those of us being truly committed to honesty and humanity. I am trying to find out what you as the Other think, believe and feel like in order to find out why it seems to be a problem for some of the most powerful minds and spirits to form or become a part of a collective in these times.  And as an artist I feel responsibility to discuss about ways to step over lonesome struggles, stop competition and find real friendship as we all battle with similar problems. We are here to play with them.

Let´s use some questions:

  1. Do you feel comfortable and wealthy?
  2. Do you feel your creativity level and mental health is flowing and thriving?
  3. What to you are restrictive and destructive energies or concerns?
  4. What to you are positive and good energies or concerns?
  5. Are you conscious and what do you think about the fact that marketconform forces, statistics and rating options permanently and continously enter Culture (thereby I mean Schools, Universities, even the Fields of Art and Philosophy, the Internet, Physical and Spiritual Healthcare followed by many more systems we had once invented in order to serve humanity) and Nature (thereby I mean universe, our planet but also our human immanent nature) ?  Globally, no matter in which country or society we live, this is our time and our state of being.
  6. Maybe we can compare ourselves to some other relatives named turtles. They use this big Ocean System in order to travel and live in it. When they are scared they tend to hide in their armors. What makes them differ from us: 1.they have not ever competed each other or other creatures they share their system with 2. they have never abused their Ocean. 3. they had and have more time to live and learn  4. they are peaceful universal beings.
  7. If we could stop hiding behind our ego-built armor and perceive that we do not need one as we come on this earth naturally naked and without weapons, blessed with reason and intuition, do you think, it would make us understand each other more truly, thus create more trust and maybe we could start coming out of our bubble-shells and start to spread love instead of war?
  8. If we share our individual weaknesses and fears right now could it serve all of us better than permanently telling and showing what we are best at, competing with or judging;  not only political systems and each other but also ourselves?
  9. The A P O is yearning to become a net in the net differing from other linking systems. It is not here for showing each other our nicest side and getting applause or numerous connections, likes or even dis-likes, aiming to reach the whole world. It is an experiment and invitation trying to reach those who find the questions posted familiar and worth working on and those who have already started to do so. How can we create a net that does not catch us but holds us together and feeds us with energy?
  10. The A P O is here to find out what we are confronted with and what we all and individually are up to respond to these confrontations. Could we learn again to listen to each other more carefully, get a deeper understanding  what connects us, teach each other in different versions, broaden our knowledge and senses and act concerning not only our individual needs but a hollistic cultural exchange and change?
  11. The A P O will not force you to spend your precious time or create more work for you. Rather it is trying to gather honest opinions and projects related to our time and nature. It is here to question why Artists spend more time on their vita than on making their art, why Philosophers or Scientists often spend more time on teaching  (which is the Best things to do when you love doing  it) or having any other side-job just to afford their basic needs. Why is Bob Dylan given a Price for Literature? I guess not even Bob Dylan knows. But knowing his texts, not judging but trusting him as a true human Being and committed Artist, I feel he must be posing similar questions to himself right now. Is art obsolete, has philosophy become obsolete, is Literature obsolete or are we all simply just lacking TIME?