In the dream I met an eagle. Maybe the eagle was the old goddess Athene. Maybe not.

Reality let me find Homer´s Odysssee and I had the feeling Athene is calling me to her Island.

Trusting this intuition, I have received trust and help from people I met on this Island to manifest the project that came through subconscience to reality.

When I left the Island Sophia gave me a key to the Ionion Center and said:

„You have found a second home. Make a plan, come back and bring people that are like you.“

Thinking about it now I realize that Kefalonia could be my Ithaka and Sophia could be my Athene. After offering me all her affection and protection through a whole magical summer, she is giving me her total trust and a key to her house that was built ten years ago upon her vision.

In order to use this key in the future I have to study and open up myself even more. I need to ask: „Who am I?“ to find people that are „like me“. For me this is quite a task to take as I am very shy. When I left the Ocean, I found a carapace -bone of a loggerhead Turtle. If this is another key given to me as a metaphor I might interpret it as:

„ I am an Artist. I have a gift that makes me feel rich and feeds people with questions about our world everytime I use it. There are many human beings that have influenced my art by their thoughts as I read many books, I look at Art, I listen to People´s Music and words for finding Inspiration. Many of those human beings are not living in this world and in this time, but many of them are here and I have never dared to deeply exchange thoughts with them. I have not been able to show them respect and gratitude for the impact they have on the World but also on my work and thus my life. I feel the need to do so. So I need to leave behind my carapace I have been hiding in for a long time and step over self-restrictive borders.

I feel now is the time not only for fulfilling a personal task but for making friends, for offering the ones we feel related to affection and protection, tell them that they are the ones that protect ourselves … maybe we could unite our powers and hold tight in this state of total confusion…and cherish some others and the world surrounding us with love and gratitude.

According to this the Atomic Platonic Orchestra is like a life-game. Playing it together becomes the symbolic key to make use of the real key.

At this moment of questioning my very honest inner and outer state: I am back to Berlin, working on adapting to the city again without forgetting nature is in me. I am surrounded by inner and outer fog. Still, I am often dreaming of the Ocean. It is grey, dark and wild, but still I can never resist to go in the water. Sometimes I see a dolphin coming out of the depth, showing up shortly before disappearing again… I hope somenight or someday it will come over and communicate.



Homer. Odyssee. Detail. China Ink on Canvas

This Spring.

Dream again. I am sitting on any balkony. I look at the sky and see an eagle flying his rounds up there. I think: „What is this eagle doing here? There are no eagles in Berlin.“ The eagle starts coming down. Directly towards me, closer and closer. I am scared. The eagle lands on my arm and looks into my eyes. I see the peace and the wisdom in his eyes. I feel his weight on my arm and the feet keeping on to it. He touches my face, holds still, I start petting the eagle, feel the warmth of the body, the heartbeat, the softness of the feathers. I wake up. I feel great. Grateful. Grown. Old Shamans say: the eagle is a sign for wisdom and wealth.

This dream has formed another version of myself in reality. I now do believe my intuition and inner truth. I will continue my Art without any restrictions. I will no longer force myself to adapt and accept things in my life I do not feel I am capable or responsable of without loosing myself.

This day during my research on the Internet pops up the SEA´S Art Exhibition at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures on the Island of Kefalonia. I read the Philosophy of the Space, I read about an open Call, I stick to this homepage, get exited about the Projects being created there and I feel a sudden need to go there.

Passing my books Homer´s Odyssee falls in front of my feet. I put it back on Platon´s Politeia. Then I realize that these two books are waiting to be read for years and exactly what I am looking for. I start reading the Odyssee. In one oft he first chapters Athene appears as an Eagle. My whole body tells me that I have just made a connection from my dream to reality. I start questioning my thoughts, doubting my perception. To calm down I do my Bathtub Meditation. When I come out it is 4 and a half hours later. Time is an Illusion. Space is an Illusion. Whales and Dolphins were communicating to me. Believe it or not. I know. I sit at my desk. I start writing The °Water°World°Worth°Whirl° Project. I don´t stop until it is finished. I send it to the Ionion Center. Sophia Giannakis-Kagadis writes back and invites me to the Island Kefalonia. A few weeks later I have started two canvases, my art is forming two Nautilusses including the words of Platon´s Politeia and Homer´s Odyssee, I quit my sidejob, I packed my stuff. I went without knowing what will come but knowing it is a calling that will change my life in many ways.



Winter 2015

Another Dream. Anywhere in Nature. Masses of People going around tables full of babies. I go to a table on which I see a very tiny babygirl that giggles and dances under her blanket. When I lean over she moves towards me, grows bigger, her hair is brown, long and curly, her eyes are huge and blue. She seems to be a woman in the form of a mikrobaby. She moves her head towards mine, looks deep into my eyes and says in an irritating high tone: „Are you from Sirius, too?“. I answer quietly:“ I don´t know where I come from“. She giggles and dances and says: „Of course you are from Sirius!“. She takes my hand and that moment we are flying in Sinuscurves without any space and time giggling together.

Except the name I don´t know anything about Sirius. When I wake up I read that Sirius is a star in the system of the Canis Major which was often reffered to by old Egyptians, Greeks and others. Sirius A exists of Water and Helium and some people believe that Whales and Dolphins come from the little Sirius B accompinying Sirius A. But also there are some very wild theories about it that make me stop researching. Sometimes I feel it is better not to know. I start to believe I am totally crazy. But also I start to believe that some old folks and some other mammals we share our planet with know much more than us.



Last Autumn.

I am reading Novalis, drawing his lines in a Waterwhirl and thinking about that we are all kind of lost in a state of Kali Yuga Blues these days.


A Dream: All people important to me are in a city in another world in which everything appears to be newly recreated after any total collapse. Everyone is doing the same like in reality but behaves and looks different. I am searching for a space to exhibit. In a huge dark hall I see many little doors that lead to many little back rooms. As I look to the left I see a Pandabear coming out of one room. He beckons me over. I go and say „Hello Panda“ and he says: „Hello Julia. You know…Now is the time. It´s getting serious. Everyone has to do what he was sent here to do. We need to fulfill the calling. No human on earth is allowed to go on like this.“

I believe nothing and even less I believe in the system we have right now or in any system at all. To be honest I don´t even understand it. For me there are no borders, there are no differences in between any human or other beings on the planet. I believe all of us shall live in peace, in chaos, in freedom, in abundance, just like the wild animals do. I want to float like water, thrive like a tree, feel much, dive deep, think far and live in peace. I am not asking for much but will not stop asking questions. And I wonder if this might be the real nature of all human beings. Overall I see that we all are here for taking part in creating our reality and world.



Summer 2015

I am in Turkey. I am close to the sea. Whilst listening to a choir of birds, dogs, cats, insects, wind and the Imam singing altogether at night, I am dreaming about walking on the paths of some old ruins by a river with a group of unknown people. I leave the group behind to go down huge old stairs that are facing a river. A Caravan of all kinds of animals passes by welcoming me by talking in all kinds of languages before they move on. When I come back to the group of people, they look repellently down on me and move away. I think…now that I can understand the true nature of it all, people will not talk to me anymore.“ Waking up I ask myself why I should ever feel lonesome when nature is within me.