NOW. In the dream I met an eagle. Maybe the eagle was the old goddess Athene. Maybe not. Reality let me find Homer´s Odysssee and I had the feeling Athene is calling me to her Island. Trusting this intuition, I have received trust and help from people I met on this Island to manifest the […]


June to September. I am in Kefalonia. My senses are wide open. This island is communicating a lot. I am dreaming, feeling, hearing, seeing, experiencing a lot. I am corresponding to the Ocean and the Ocean is corresponding to me. Every single day. I am reconnecting to Nature. I am hardly spending money. I am […]


Homer. Odyssee. Detail. China Ink on Canvas This Spring. Dream again. I am sitting on any balkony. I look at the sky and see an eagle flying his rounds up there. I think: „What is this eagle doing here? There are no eagles in Berlin.“ The eagle starts coming down. Directly towards me, closer and […]


Last Winter. Another Dream. Anywhere in Nature. Masses of People going around tables full of babies. I go to a table on which I see a very tiny babygirl that giggles and dances under her blanket. When I lean over she moves towards me, grows bigger, her hair is brown, long and curly, her eyes […]


KaliYuga Blues for Novalis. ink on paper. 2015 Last Autumn. I am reading Novalis, drawing his lines in a Waterwhirl and thinking about that we are all kind of lost in a state of Kali Yuga Blues these days. A Dream: All people important to me are in a city in another world in which […]


Last Summer. I am in Turkey. I am close to the sea. Whilst listening to a choir of birds, dogs, cats, insects, wind and the Imam singing altogether at night, I am dreaming about walking on the paths of some old ruins by a river with a group of unknown people. I leave the group […]


Alles fließt. ink on paper. 2011 2 Years ago in Summer. In the middle of Berlin Neukölln I wake up in the early morning as I hear a knock on my window. When I open the curtain I look straight into the eyes of a duck. It is directly facing me looking as if it […]


o.T. graphite on wall. handtorn papers. books. 2012 Four years ago in Summer. I have just finished an installation including a drawing on the wall repetiting one of Hölderlin ́s sentences „There live sun and air and earth and their children extraneous around one another, these lonesomes, as if they didn ́t belong each other.” […]


Schriftbild #4. ink on paper. 2009 °°°°WHIRL°°°° Reason °8° Intuition. I do not believe in anything. I guess that every being has his own way of understanding, seeing and behaving in order to live. I guess that if ten people receive one piece of truth (let it be Music, Fine Art, Literature, Philosophy…whatever is created […]


19000+x+x…(refugees drowning in the ocean). Ink on paper, graphite on wall. 2013-2016 °°°WORTH°°° This World we live in is based on categories, definitions and intellect, on the things we receive by our eyes and reason, on time, career and money as I perceive it. My scala of worth could be turned 180 degrees and it […]