Julia Rhizoma. Aeon. 2022. Vibration Notation.
Ink on plantpaper. 76 x 51 cm

A leap in the dark

Looking at the current affairs on Earth one could assume that we are close to an apocalypse which will be followed by the great deluge and indeed occurring scenes are evocative of old myths and historical events.

In this time of extremes correspondents and experts of all kinds specialize merely either in evidences and statistics or in pure ethereous constructions and the interpretation of symbols. Confused or blinded by all those found and yet to be found informations most people have become unable to grasp an actual content and the vast majority of the so-called folks cling to theories and life models that have long ago transpired, have been proven obsolete or are totally unacceptable if we think about them objectively. Life seems to have become unlivable or at least a roll play that is hard to survive.

Truth, knowledge, meaning and values are increasingly lost in the fog.

The viral spread cold of human hearts affects and awakens those who are still able to feel deeply and hold on to sanity and reason.

After all these past centuries wars on power and property, about race and gender, against religions or ideologies, they slowly become aware that the only war which is collectively fought on planet earth today is a war of frequencies. These human beings are getting ready to break out of an externally imposed and internally cultivated bubble of individuation and isolation that seems to be as unstoppable as climate change if we don not alter our behavior.

In order to set our future focus clearly we might need to change perspectives, take a deep clear sighted dive into reality gain some reorientation. Ancient knowledge and modern science both describe that we – as actively thinking and creating beings – decide where our limited life energy goes to. Through willingly conducted energy situations and things are manifested. 

Maybe it is about time to seize the chance and give this knowledge a go. Why not? After we seized the chance to try infinite material- and personal growth for such a long time…Let´s be honest…this last chance we seized made us become more and more impressed by various images, shadows, theories and an ever-increasing flow of information, it led us into an age of distraction including the revaluation of all words and symbols, then it left us obsessed with psychological, social, spiritual power and powerlessness games that cross any borders even below belt lines until in the end we succumb to an illusion and thus can be used as projection screens.

There are many evacuators of doomsday scenarios nowadays, but contradicting those there are also a huge amount of people that have evaluated insights and were able to evolve a level of comprehension that will surely be followed by a climate change, a climate change that starts inside of an individual. The change inside will alter the personal relationships and atmosphere that surrounds a person and at some point there could be a change on a political, social and societal level. Let’s imagine it would be possible to lead a peaceful life in harmony with all life forms on our planet.

It is often emphasized that we currently live in “information age”. So let’s be aware: information is light. We feed our system -holistically- with light. In the shadow area lies the uncertain, the hidden, the other, all that which we do not know, see or have reached so far yet.

Throughout our lifetimes we are constantly moving from darkness to light. We dive into unexplored depths in order to fish new insights again and again. This is evolution, science and art. We collect information in order to bring light into darkness,. The more we analyze, transform and use the found information, the more light we can shed on something. Once we have sufficiently illuminated a topic, a situation or a process, we return to what has not yet been explored, to the yet unnamed which lies in the invisible. This procedure corresponds to the principle of yin and yang, day and night, sun and moon and all cycles on this planet.

We have learned to distinguish. Following the principle of growth, we differentiate exceedingly. Because -as we get told-everything wants to progress further, grow, should create abundance, but also everyone and everything seizes to be separated, conform to plurality and worship the diversity that is everywhere. Thus a thinking person is able to define extensively precisely, but also hardly able to commit to anything or spend time for diving deeper any more. We have learned to reassure ourselves through knowledge building, analysis and evidence. However, the specialization in sub-areas and the narrowness of human skills include a problem: Everything that appears to be secure is opposed by uncertainty. Once we hold on to a particular narrative or belief, even if it is science, once we dissect and quote the same or a past story over and over again, we naturally get stuck in a theory which is limited by the time or person, by a society or the circumstances which gave rise to this theory. Any system devised by any person is such a limited theory. If we don’t constantly expand it by allowing access to the flow of life, the creation of the new and unknown, we can merely create stagnation or reproduce a method that no longer fits into this day and age. Maintaining such a system forever is an extremely risky endeavor.

Every system in this world has hitherto come to an end. It has changed or failed, been overthrown or superseded. The same happens to systems that have been created inside a humans body and mind.

Life, love and soul are never limited. According to their nature they are like water; meaning they are steadily flowing, open-ended, constantly changing and thereby they are fulfilling or expanding themselves. Life is not a line in between a beginning and an end. It is a cycle. Knowing this, we are secured that situations can and will change. The question is: do we want a change? I suppose we want that.

What we are, think and feel will be true for one future moment. What we were, thought and felt has now become a partial truth. We are currently experiencing a shift in consciousness. The world no longer works the way we are used to and what we’ve been taught for thousands of years seems to function no longer. Therefore it feels out of joint for many people. Media reacts and spreads countless negative or zero information. But collectively we yearn for something else and that yearning must be followed by a decision: the decision to no longer engage ourselves with what has past or what is recognized to be bad and therefore open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts widely in order to see clearly what is real and what is needed instead.

So how could we emerge out of the fog and reach some more clarity? Perhaps by venturing within. From within comes a lot of information and this kind of information is just as important as the information that pours in from the outside. Through introspection I learned: I cannot change the world or others. But whatever happens, I CAN change myself. This freedom can never be taken from me by no-one. I also learned that it is healthy (at least for me personally) to mostly stay away from media of all kind and become a medium myself. I prefer to write these words that emanate from within. Possibly I might reach and carry a few others away by inviting them to swim in a river that is already flowing in a new direction. By aligning our antennas to positive sources and directing energies in a specific course, we radiate into our environment, maybe we can emanate the souls of some fellow human beings and thus -at some point- bring about an inside-out and peaceful change.

If I exceptionally deal with positive thoughts and actions for a while and then start to draw information from within I will receive information which -using deep-listening, feeling and thinking, I can learn a lot from. The kind of information provided by pure being through breathing time and visiting the inner space will nurture my system, engage my awareness and grow my consciousness. By dissolving delusions and confusion I can let go of control because I am clear in mind and therefore I feel safe. When I feel safe, confident, and trusting, I don’t allow myself to be reduced, regulated, directed, controlled, or manipulated. Yes and No are equal value. I call this lived polarity.

Life is not only about surviving. Life is never right or wrong. We tend to say just live and let live…but… I guess we should care at least a bit about how we and others live. Life and love are indivisible parts that function as a whole. They are gifts that, over time, are fulfilled with everything that flows and vibrates. The more love we experience, the more we have within and the more love we give, the more we become open to receive. Loving life means being a oneness with the world including everything it offers and shows us. Our collective and personal past with all those dramas and traumas, karma is also a part of life. Every life memory -loveable or unloveable-carries a powerful potential to sense history and thus recognize and develop a  central theme that helps us to view an overall picture and finally provides us with the empirical value that is needed to follow the call of our soul and take the challenge to walk through life by changing and creating a very personal and original path.

“According to the Chaldean Scriptures, God warned the hero of the flood (Noah) and commanded him to build a vehicle, because “by a flood I will destroy matter and life. Let the substance of all that has life ascend into this vehicle.”” 1

Reading this sentence with my nowadays consciousness at this actual time in space, I would react in a complete different way from Noah. I would not try to save everything that is matter and life and therefore condemned to be destroyed by God. I would rather ask: “What IS the substance of everything?” and I claim: It is love. A human wants to live and love. This is the human calling. Again, essentially a human is like water. In motion it is healthy. Stagnant water has no life energy, just as little as stagnant thoughts or systems that stand in the way of a natural and free unfolding. A society is made up of many individuals. If you take away an individuals true calling, you block their heart energy and therefore their life mission. This will be transferred to the spiritual level and thus to the social system which, in the long run, can only fall ill.

Once we understand, allow, integrate and live synergies our soul, mind and body will be balanced and our life can be transformed into a river that flows towards change through self-fulfillment and soul growth. If we can no longer identify with legislation or case law, we can always refer to the laws of nature: in nature everything strives for balance. We are a part of nature. When we act against it, we act against ourselves. Have we not seen enough of what that entails?

From now on I choose to act in accordance with the laws of nature and exercise my birthright to be a human. That grants me a good conscience. If I have a good conscience because I am in agreement with my inner code of values- whatever may happen outside- I can live in peace with myself and thus able say goodbye gratefully at the end of this life. Feels like bright prospects!

By being attentive I can notice directly whether something changes through my thinking and acting. That gives me self-responsibility which makes me conquer the swoon and empower myself. As self-sufficient, sensitive and creative people, we can question old, current and new concepts, check their truthfulness, evaluate them, if necessary drop them and take the scepter into our own hands.

By approaching life holistically confusion is erased and realization is enforced. This allows me to communicate, share and work. By trusting I create trust. First into myself, then into others and then into the world. That is self-acceptance. By acting, I feel meaningful, caring and important. That creates self-confidence. From now on I will not separate me from my Self and never act against my original being. That is called authenticity.

Through absolute honesty I create clarity for myself and others. I experience the polarity of living life on planet earth in times of duality: Not all is good, full of love and light, but also: Not all is bad, full of hate and darkness. I communicate exactly what I feel. Without judgement, simply and clearly, hoping this way I might cause less confusion knowing that the other might still misunderstand.

When we open our minds and hearts and adopt ourselves with all that we are, I assume we can accept the opinions and moods of others much better because we don’t feel endangered but enriched, inspired by everything different or new, by every discussion. By giving time and space we can learn and grow through every conflict.

I intend to give and receive openly, to balance my feminine and masculine principles, I intend to experience abundance and joy through this creative freedom. While sorting and filtering streams of information that come from within and streams of information that come from outside and by consciously investing my time and attention, I create a binding guideline for my personal lifework. In this way, I silence the merry-go-round of thoughts in my head and find myself in the power center of my heart. If-collectively- we could be in our midst more often, wouldn’t we gradually reclaim a sense of community, cohesion and livability? I imagine a free and self-responsible life in which we are thinking instead of rethinking, simplifying instead of complicating, sharing instead of redistributing, taking one step at a time in our chosen direction.

We are part of the universe, part of this wonderful planet. We ARE life changing characters in constant flux as tiny ingredients of a human history. We are part of a problem and part of a solution. Each part is of equal value as a part of one wholeness and therefore equally entitled. I wonder – if that  basic knowledge would manifest in us- could we possibly initiate a change in values and create a society in which the majority is no longer concerned with profit and competition, but engaged with heart and mind?

Instead of being afraid we could be excited about and open to the new and other. We could curiously step into the wild river and learn how to swim freely. Instead of running in circles, we could spiral out into new spheres that are created by a swirling stream of heartfelt desires and positive thoughts which align with true humanity. Maybe God wanted to tell Noah: “Love is the greatest power on earth, the essence and substance of everything. Our heart is love´s vehicle and from there it rises and affects every atom worldwide.”

Ahead of us does not wait an apocalyptic deluge but the cosmopolitan ocean of infinite possibilities. Let’s think outside the box and embark on a journey with this seminal vehicle whose engine is fueled by our dreams and whose steering wheel is controlled by our minds.

Love believes in us. Life trusts us.

Whether we believe and trust, how we love and what we live lies in our responsibility.

Julia Rhizoma. Live Love. Love Life.
Ink on Canvas. 160 x 100 cm. 2021

1 From Barbara G. Walker. The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets



“There is a war between the rich and poor, a war between the man and the woman. There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn´t.”

Leonard Cohen, 1973

War of consciousness and frequencies…2020

On a day in march 2020- when the corona requirements started all over the world- I had a vision:

In one moment races and borders, rich and poor, male and female, all categories of former division were suddenly bygone. 

I saw the world being divided into two groups of people:

“Humanists” and “Transhumanists”.

People who respect nature and personal responsibility of humankind and thus are rooted on and in unison with our planet earth, its natural laws and its residents and people who mistrust humanity and nature so much that they would rather leave this planet behind and give all responsibility to machines and techniques that by time will more and more adapt and overcome humankind.

Possibly people are devided by the fact that some feel very deeply and others resist it for whatever reason. I do not judge it. I wish they could speak their truth, learn from another and find a solution that enables humankind to find a way to connect all human abilities in order to enter a bright future.

Back to the vision:

In one single moment relationships, friendships and families all over this world were tested. People were forced to deeply examine their perception and choose in between trust and control. To their astonishment very often they had to face that the ones they love most had chosen the other side.

After some time the virus had killed emotional bounds all around the world and this virus I talk about was not one that came from nature.

It was programmed by some people in order to lower frequencies, to spread fear, depression, confusion and separation.

Suddenly it was almost equal where on this planet someone lived. In a positive sense after all those wars about ownership, ego and borders we could sense that we actually are a collective. In a negative sense we were collectively scared by something that was unknown and totally out of control.

The fear was masked the fear of physical death by a virus. But the death of social cohesion transformed the fear into a virus causing the literal death of souls and humanness.

The more people got infected by fear the more they were disposed to leave the light and get used to living in the shadows. By time they were freely willing to exchange freedom for an illusionary security.

As we all know life always ends with death. Fear is never a good advisor but it is historically, socially and psychologically well known and approved in terms of spreading confusion and gaining power over people.

The programmed virus had been installed and had been growing decades before in a neoliberal and capitalistic system while most of the people were working hard on affording a life or finding a work-life balance and a vanishing tiny amount of people who made enormous profits at their, their children’s and the whole planet’s expense.

At that time people were trained to believe in any kind of statistics but for whatever reason this simple bill seemed to be too simple to believe, to relate to or to make a change.

Where we are now is where this system has led us.

There is a positive message to all of this : Every system failed so far.

We as human beings are no computers and even if we would like to define ourselves as machines: 

We are programmed by our own minds and in our hearts and honest inner wisdom we know: There are rules that exist despite and above all those that have ever been made by humans. They are called the principles of nature and we live because of and within these. Always. 

Since thousands of years people have respected and known the hermetic laws, for example the law of resonance. If we continue or now decide to respect these we will find trust, love, abundance and peace.  

Nature pursuits balance. And all living beings are part of nature. We cannot separate ourselves from it. If we ruin our planet or other beings we ruin our own system. Inwardly and outwardly. As the outside mirrors the inside. As above so below. As in atoms so in all. 

It is time to overcome fear. It is time to get rid of all masks. It is time to start feeling and stop overthinking. It is time to act. With our minds and hearts balanced. It is time to ask our soul why it has chosen to come here in this time and the answer will be: we came to choose and live love. Each of us is able to do so. 

Love is the only almighty power on this wonderful planet Earth.

It is a real good medicine for a healthy life.

And it will change ALL.




We are all one.

We have one earth.

We are always collective.

We all share the same sky.

Light is information.

And information shall be light.

As everything is vibration.

If we feel disconnected , disinformed or depressed

by channels of information, we have an option: 

We change the source.

As we stop consuming negative news we start feeling positive vibes.

As we are what we consume and we think what we read.

As we look at the sky above we look in our mirror within.

As above so below.

Try it. Now. The world needs it.

One hour, two,…one day, two, three, one months, two, three,…

Four is the number of your planet earth. 

Reconnect to it, grow roots, evolve. 

We are all important parts and here to heal the world.

Join a peaceful Pro-Test by not consuming mass media for a while.

Post your personal sign for peace and against propaganda

(a picture of the sky ) in all channels of social media now.

Use the tag #heavenlyinformed



I have to admit: In the past weeks my brain did not work properly. I was in a permanent state of obfusation. Although I have not watched television for over 20 years and although I mostly restrict myself from reading the news (as I am hypersensitive and often not able to do anything else but cry afterwards) there was no way of not being involved in all those feelings and thoughts coming from everywhere and there was no way that I was even getting near to a clear vision. And I feel that this is a worldwide and collective phenomena.

I will not talk about the things that are in the newspapers, socialmediaplatforms and television. I will talk about what comes from my heart and inner vision as this is the only thing I can trust and speak about without doubting or overquestioning it permanently.

For many weeks people around the planet were forced to stay at home. It does not matter what each of us struggled with the most. Important is that the struggle is something we learn from as human beings.

And what we learned will change the way we are and act.

I have learned that the time we live in is a time of major change and that this major change is dependent on every tiny feeling each of us is going through and each little thought we are sending out.

I feel that corona and the time before has led to a collective breakdown of trust.

I will not blame a system, a newspaper or any person. As I said: this is collective and not only because of corona and because the lockdown was worldwide.

Indeed this is a universal thing. For thousands of years humans have exploited not only the planet in a material sense but also in a nonmaterial sense. As everything on earth develops in thriving fractal spirals the capitalistic system is just a mirror for where we are now.

Since I was a school kid politicians, economists and scientists have been talking about the need to educate better, to operate economically, to think and act globally. All of us have been talking about the importance of humanity, equality, healthcare, green business solutions, sustainability, empathy. Many of us have learned breathing techniques, yoga, embodiment, etc…and let´s be honest- many of us in this western world have experienced major psychological or physical breakdowns in the past ten years. Because we are what we consume.

We have overloaded our inner and outer system and still we have consciously and subconsciously tried to keep it going. And as Mother Earth is just as us a living and feeling being-we have done the same to her. She has started a little moaning but never did she get as angry as our folks.

Many people and organisations have tried to make a change and still could not stop the “almighty monetary” system from steeling our health, hearts and souls.

Now here we are.

This is our time.

And we need to see it as a chance.

This is the change we have been waiting for and talking about.

This is the time to take responsibility and to see clearly.

This is the time to feel and speak our inner truth.

It is time to do the same that our planet is doing at the moment.

It is time to take time for all things we did not have the time for before:





Rewind and Restore.



(all the things that are actually already here as we have been reading, talking and workshopping about them for many many years)

For example:

Look in the mirror.

Question yourself what you are here for.

Leave your bubble.

Be true.

Nourish your feelings.

Open your heart.


But then. BE HAPPY!

We don´t need more hardship.

We need HEARTship.

Try something you haven´t done before.

Do not step in footsteps for a change.

Ask your fear where it exactly comes from.

Ask your beloved ones what they exactly wish for.

Change patterns you do not like.

Ask yourself: How does my future look like?

What can I do to make it happen?

Do not read or listen and do not watch television

(and even if it´s just for an hour, a day or a week)

I am sure that this is the time to learn individually.

Everyone will learn for the self.

Knowledge and peace will come from within.

And if you need help – don´t be ashamed.


This is our time.

This is the time that questions and teaches how to be human again.

This is a time that we and our planet were wishing for.

It is a good time.

And it depends on YOU.



Everyday I try to unlock perplexity. And everyday I find even more confusing news and impressions. I am trying to put the puzzle pieces together but actually –  I am speechless…about the oddity of this situation, about the spreading conformity of free persons and about the pondering silence of well-educated people.

By now all of you know I am an artist and a healer. By now none of the things I do are any kind of systemically relevant. No more need for culture and no more need for alternative methods that both have been healing and nurturing humankind for thousands of years…I could start to feel small and senseless but actually I feel I have been waiting for this moment ever since I chose to come on this planet for another round of adventure.

So : Even though I feel confused I will try to say some things as I miss reading them from others.

What is happening these days is full of potential but I see mostly helpless people. And of course many that are clamping…to their power, to their ego, to their money, to …  fear? however…

I feel everyone that respects democracy is responsable to question, to overthink and to speak their truth. I guess if we do not we must accept we will not be allowed to in the future.

They call this Corona Crisis. I like to call it the Crisis of Crest. It sounds like a movie, it suggests some equivocal humor or spiritual option of interpretation and it makes everyone feel much more positive right away. I like to see people smiling and I see no reason to wear a mask for immaterial output.

I do admit I feel subliminal things of all  kinds happening these days and the obvious output rather makes me feel de-pressed, but as I start to write again I am very aware that noone needs any more negative thoughts.

I know that the only way to stay healthy as a human being is to stay positive and finally take over responsability for our own lives and for our planet.

I feel this Crisis is here to overcome things that are not needed any longer. So instead of adapting to panic  let´s welcome the opportunity of transformation.



I was searching for light and got lost in the fog…

I presaged some darkness and thus lost my love.

This is the law of attraction, my law with affection.

This is why I started writing this blog.

And this is why I stopped for a long time.

This is why I left home 18 years ago.

This is why I returned home 18 years later.

9 years ago (right in the middle) I wrote my Schriftbild #4.

In entangling, rewinding and recalling spirals it says:

*what is past?*

*what is present?*

*what is future?*

*is all progress? all is progress.*

*is all change? all is change.*

*is all repetition? all is repetition.*

18 years ago I was wondering how in the world I could ever live on without my love…

9 years ago I was thinking about mankind and history.  I was wondering about how people could ever end up in something like war … and I presaged that they will do it again and again as they are and have always been just men.

Quite obviously we do not learn from history, from conscience or from knowlegde.

Same with my self: I develop, I advance, I proceed, I fail. I change. I start.

Everything rewrites IT SELF. It is ALL part of ONE circle.

There is no opposite and no seperate.

Darkness, fog and light, all in between moods and colours of life.

I am water. I am floating. In all different shapes and conditions.

I lost one stone and put one on top of the other.

One month ago Schriftbild #4 finally got a frame.

It is now ready to be properly shown or archived.

What a timing.

Today I am…

Repeating, recalling, rewriting the Vedas.

Repeating, recalling, rewriting myself.

Revisiting the Oak Tree I knew as a child and she remembers me well.

The Buzzard sends me his healing-feathers and wisdom-calls of change.

And after a timehole-moment of self-doubt and fog-head my heart is still broken,

but my hand is in progress and as she is – I am…

…In Silence and Peace.

This is why I do my art, my love.



As for these times

My humankind

I need to say

I lack the words

So let me use my brothers ones:


We called the Earth One Flower of the Sky.

The Sky we called the Infinite Garden of Life.


Like roses rejoice in tiny golden dust,

We spoke,

The valoury rays of sunlight rejoice the earth.


She is a glorious and living Being,

We spoke,

Divine when crossing fire,

When mild and vivid water

Comes swelling from her heart.


At all times fortunate to feed herself

Of dewdrops or of thundery clouds

Which she prepares for pleasuries

Assisted by the sky,

The ever faithful loving half of the Sungod,

Possibly primarily earnestly unified

Though then divided by all-presiding fate.


So she would search him, near him, detach her Self

And full of lust and dolour could grow to upmost beauty.


So we spoke.


I give you the substance, the spirit.

But what is it without the Life?


(freely translated from Hölderlin´s Hyperion 1797/1799)







Kefalonia is not an Island.

She is a person.

Named after Cephalus.

This is what she looks like and this is what she feels like.

She is a wild and angry person and not only that…

She is transforming love and pain constantly.

Last year I came here to speak to the Ocean and its inhabitants, mainly the dolphins and turtles that I hoped could read my watery letters which I sent every single day. I wanted them, as in former times, to come back and show up at the coasts of this island, so people would be reminded how beautiful these related creatures are and might learn to appreciate instead of harming them.

In the end, I did not see a single dolphin, BUT: Finally we heard them singing at night.

My favourite beach is called Avythos. As it is the closest I can walk there easily. But also I fell in love with its wild beauty and the view it shares on Theos Island.

This beach changes depending on the weather and even each single day and time.

Last year at this time, the beach was full of stones. With ist bizzare huge rocks that had been thrown into the sea by earthquakes, it had this mysterious atmosphere of a Stone Desert right by the Sea.

I was so happy to observe that turtles would come there at night to secretely leave their eggs on Avythos which were then protected by the kefalonian people.

This year I find my beach full of sand, I cannot find my precious stones of which I was intending to once again built an energy rising Spiral for my project.

I start to clean the beach instead. What I find are tonnes of plastic, iron, styropor, cans.

It becomes more depressing when you start collecting shoes, doll arms, barbed wire and clothes and in the end, when you dig deeper, you finally recognise that about half of the sand exists of tiny partcicles of human-made poison and start realizing that we carry these particles, too. That´s probably why we do not even dare to think about our ocean´s inhabitants any more. More than 90 % are gone anyway.

Not to think about this is a crime, though. It is murder. We are killing constantly.

I cannot carry all this. It is a single beach and I would need a lorry. So I will have to play Sisyphos, collect it and every time I get there carry it closer to civilization hoping some people will open their eyes and hearts and help. But even if I do…

What this garbage tells you …

…a sensitive being can hardly bare.

Last year Avythos was full of turtle nests.

Two days ago I did not find ONE.

I found something else.

A huge dead Loggerhead.

She had made it to this beach for decades

and this time she had died when giving birth.

The Island and my heart suffer from many tiny earthquakes.

My dolphin friends will not come again.

Together with the sand and this turtle they tell you the story of humans drilling for oil.

They are selling their souls and they are digging their own children´s graves.

Kefalonia is not an Island.

She is a wild and angry person and not only that…

These days she is sad.

And I am crying with her as I am a tiny part of this.




Home is where the heart is, where your feet just find the way without you knowing.

…where your brain just starts connecting the puzzle load of information from all within and all around.

…where you meet brothers and sisters you have been knowing but missing before.

… where you are suddenly able to find a holistic healing method through missing links that reconnect to each other and create perfect harmony.

Athens, City of old and new philosopher friends: As we meet with the Pre-Socrates on your hills and come together in the name of Knowledge, WE REMEMBER. We have been here before, met before, tried to live democracy before.

Tried to change the world before. Tried to heal the wounds before.

We have failed. We have forgotten. We are posing the oldest questions again. We keep coming back as we have still not fulfilled our mission.

Humankind. What are you? Individual. Who are you?

A Turtle on the Hill of Nymphs reminds you:

Your path is old and it will lead you when you are ready to step on it.

Time is what you make of it. You may expand or reel it in.

We started with Harrison Farina´s Programm:

The Pre-Socratics in the Post-Contemporary Era




The Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures and A P O are calling Professional Creators to think about the words forming the title of this project and produce serious output based on reason and intuition both equally used to awaken solutions concerning our future.

Apocalypse is what we are driven to perceive when we consume daily news. Confusion and resignation seem to follow informational overflow, highly specialized subject, materialism and the loss of intuitive trust.

Perception as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses, the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

Zero: neither positive nor negative. Number. Start. Begin. Circle. Unity. Nothing. Emptiness. Objectivity…

Plato´s Politeia known as one the first books that influenced western society and still unsure of its perception as either utopian idea or actual plan for a state will be our Point Zero. Questioning how we could read between the lines and translate it to our time and needs, a non-defined hollistic collective for planet-protective and positive perspectives will be our goal. Our personal insight will include and question the knowledge each of us has gained so far as well as train our forgotten intrinsic senses in order to unite into a balancing of questions and answers towards humanity.

With the Sea below, the Gods behind and the Universe above we will reconnect to outer and inner nature and work on experimenting and manifesting if and what each of us as an individual and in a group can contribute concerning our actual time and world.

The City of Athens and the Island of Kefalonia with abandoned or still alive historical Sites are waiting to be inhabited by new Ideas. We will work on thinking models,  and deeply listen to each other,  perform an energy-rising ritual on the Island of Theos and finally document and show what we have learnt from nature, intuition and from uniting our powers in an Exhibition including readings, a concert, film screenings and Visual Art.

Where?  City of Athens and Island of Kefalonia, GREECE

When was that?   June-September 2017




Outside Pluto Activation.

Old and new Visions towards an Abundant Peaceful Outersystem:

For an Experiment starting next week I will spend a period of time in the Artspace Outside Pluto and invite people that are interested in testing opportunities to share some time with me in order to feel, learn and collect not only more reasonable knowledge but also certain kinds of rituals to become aware of oneself and independent in the world outside.


The space itself will fill from day to day by body and mind, raise positive energy that slowly transforms into art, to move closer towards each other as well as towards a better and holistic understanding of the world inside ourselves and the world we are part of.

Outside will be Neukölln, further outside Berlin, further outside Germany, further outside Europe….Inside will be collected what we find revealed during this time….Outside Pluto.

For the experiment I will be absolutely passive considering any kind of daily news or matter and leave the world outside wishing to actively search inside what I might find motivating or enlightening when I go outside again or even further.

The experiment is timeless and free from any kind of serious obligation or system.

The only kind of obligation lies in active participation of the individuals concern to develop strategies and routines towards open mind, humanness, earth and what we call ALL.