Starting over.


We have a new decade.

And not only that…

The whole planetary and thus our System is changing.

We are swimming towards the Aquarian Age and the A P O is NOW

…just perfect in time.

From time to time it might feel strange, vexing, confusing, amazing and sometimes even overwhelming.

Have you seen how the sunlight changes? Have you recognized how people change? How did you change in the past year?

I know and you know (maybe some just don´t know YET)

that we are more and more awakening and transitioning, rethinking, remembering.

2018 I was wracked. But all by myself I found my way back from darkness to light. The only thing it needed was TIME.

I followed my heart, adopted a dog and moved to the countryside.

Now I am home, I am in peace with my family and I am in peace with myself.

2019 was a year of wonder and truth.

I learned many things and I worked on many things.

Besides my art I now work as a Holistic Healer.

Also after 10 years I finally found my Artist Name:

It´s Rhizoma and -of course-it was given to me from Universe.


Time is ready to move further.

And once more I am looking for people who would like to play along:











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