I was searching for light and got lost in the fog…

I presaged some darkness and thus lost my love.

This is the law of attraction, my law with affection.

This is why I started writing this blog.

And this is why I stopped for a long time.

This is why I left home 18 years ago.

This is why I returned home 18 years later.

9 years ago (right in the middle) I wrote my Schriftbild #4.

In entangling, rewinding and recalling spirals it says:

*what is past?*

*what is present?*

*what is future?*

*is all progress? all is progress.*

*is all change? all is change.*

*is all repetition? all is repetition.*

18 years ago I was wondering how in the world I could ever live on without my love…

9 years ago I was thinking about mankind and history.  I was wondering about how people could ever end up in something like war … and I presaged that they will do it again and again as they are and have always been just men.

Quite obviously we do not learn from history, from conscience or from knowlegde.

Same with my self: I develop, I advance, I proceed, I fail. I change. I start.

Everything rewrites IT SELF. It is ALL part of ONE circle.

There is no opposite and no seperate.

Darkness, fog and light, all in between moods and colours of life.

I am water. I am floating. In all different shapes and conditions.

I lost one stone and put one on top of the other.

One month ago Schriftbild #4 finally got a frame.

It is now ready to be properly shown or archived.

What a timing.

Today I am…

Repeating, recalling, rewriting the Vedas.

Repeating, recalling, rewriting myself.

Revisiting the Oak Tree I knew as a child and she remembers me well.

The Buzzard sends me his healing-feathers and wisdom-calls of change.

And after a timehole-moment of self-doubt and fog-head my heart is still broken,

but my hand is in progress and as she is – I am…

…In Silence and Peace.

This is why I do my art, my love.

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