Kefalonia is not an Island.

She is a person.

Named after Cephalus.

This is what she looks like and this is what she feels like.

She is a wild and angry person and not only that…

She is transforming love and pain constantly.

Last year I came here to speak to the Ocean and its inhabitants, mainly the dolphins and turtles that I hoped could read my watery letters which I sent every single day. I wanted them, as in former times, to come back and show up at the coasts of this island, so people would be reminded how beautiful these related creatures are and might learn to appreciate instead of harming them.

In the end, I did not see a single dolphin, BUT: Finally we heard them singing at night.

My favourite beach is called Avythos. As it is the closest I can walk there easily. But also I fell in love with its wild beauty and the view it shares on Theos Island.

This beach changes depending on the weather and even each single day and time.

Last year at this time, the beach was full of stones. With ist bizzare huge rocks that had been thrown into the sea by earthquakes, it had this mysterious atmosphere of a Stone Desert right by the Sea.

I was so happy to observe that turtles would come there at night to secretely leave their eggs on Avythos which were then protected by the kefalonian people.

This year I find my beach full of sand, I cannot find my precious stones of which I was intending to once again built an energy rising Spiral for my project.

I start to clean the beach instead. What I find are tonnes of plastic, iron, styropor, cans.

It becomes more depressing when you start collecting shoes, doll arms, barbed wire and clothes and in the end, when you dig deeper, you finally recognise that about half of the sand exists of tiny partcicles of human-made poison and start realizing that we carry these particles, too. That´s probably why we do not even dare to think about our ocean´s inhabitants any more. More than 90 % are gone anyway.

Not to think about this is a crime, though. It is murder. We are killing constantly.

I cannot carry all this. It is a single beach and I would need a lorry. So I will have to play Sisyphos, collect it and every time I get there carry it closer to civilization hoping some people will open their eyes and hearts and help. But even if I do…

What this garbage tells you …

…a sensitive being can hardly bare.

Last year Avythos was full of turtle nests.

Two days ago I did not find ONE.

I found something else.

A huge dead Loggerhead.

She had made it to this beach for decades

and this time she had died when giving birth.

The Island and my heart suffer from many tiny earthquakes.

My dolphin friends will not come again.

Together with the sand and this turtle they tell you the story of humans drilling for oil.

They are selling their souls and they are digging their own children´s graves.

Kefalonia is not an Island.

She is a wild and angry person and not only that…

These days she is sad.

And I am crying with her as I am a tiny part of this.


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