Home is where the heart is, where your feet just find the way without you knowing.

…where your brain just starts connecting the puzzle load of information from all within and all around.

…where you meet brothers and sisters you have been knowing but missing before.

… where you are suddenly able to find a holistic healing method through missing links that reconnect to each other and create perfect harmony.

Athens, City of old and new philosopher friends: As we meet with the Pre-Socrates on your hills and come together in the name of Knowledge, WE REMEMBER. We have been here before, met before, tried to live democracy before.

Tried to change the world before. Tried to heal the wounds before.

We have failed. We have forgotten. We are posing the oldest questions again. We keep coming back as we have still not fulfilled our mission.

Humankind. What are you? Individual. Who are you?

A Turtle on the Hill of Nymphs reminds you:

Your path is old and it will lead you when you are ready to step on it.

Time is what you make of it. You may expand or reel it in.

We started with Harrison Farina´s Programm:

The Pre-Socratics in the Post-Contemporary Era

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