The Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures and A P O are calling Professional Creators to think about the words forming the title of this project and produce serious output based on reason and intuition both equally used to awaken solutions concerning our future.

Apocalypse is what we are driven to perceive when we consume daily news. Confusion and resignation seem to follow informational overflow, highly specialized subject, materialism and the loss of intuitive trust.

Perception as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses, the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

Zero: neither positive nor negative. Number. Start. Begin. Circle. Unity. Nothing. Emptiness. Objectivity…

Plato´s Politeia known as one the first books that influenced western society and still unsure of its perception as either utopian idea or actual plan for a state will be our Point Zero. Questioning how we could read between the lines and translate it to our time and needs, a non-defined hollistic collective for planet-protective and positive perspectives will be our goal. Our personal insight will include and question the knowledge each of us has gained so far as well as train our forgotten intrinsic senses in order to unite into a balancing of questions and answers towards humanity.

With the Sea below, the Gods behind and the Universe above we will reconnect to outer and inner nature and work on experimenting and manifesting if and what each of us as an individual and in a group can contribute concerning our actual time and world.

The City of Athens and the Island of Kefalonia with abandoned or still alive historical Sites are waiting to be inhabited by new Ideas. We will work on thinking models,  and deeply listen to each other,  perform an energy-rising ritual on the Island of Theos and finally document and show what we have learnt from nature, intuition and from uniting our powers in an Exhibition including readings, a concert, film screenings and Visual Art.

Where?  City of Athens and Island of Kefalonia, GREECE

When was that?   June-September 2017


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