Until March 10th

For Performative Workdays see Open Odyssee Window

For Utopian-Artistic-Dialogues come by or write to:

Julia Schmid @ Outside Pluto Berlin

Some Collected Works  2010-2017

Homer´s Odyssee facing grey noisy dirty Berlin City Streets.

People mostly facing screens.

All languages walk by. Much talk outside. No talk inside. Real talk inside.

? Much communication inside  < —- >   No communication outside ?


Plato´s Politeia, garden-given water-world-worth-whirl-stand.

Water Whirler and other things used for tests and rituals.


Assembly of Stateless Stones migrated from Greece and Turkey dancing a Peace-Spirale around the Three Roots on Stone Like Water


Leonardo da Vinci´s “Book of Water”, Letters to the Sea, Paperstacks of Thoughts.


Pantea´s Paper Packed Sofa with Paper-packed Books to choose from heart.

Plato´s “Phaidon” above. Julia´s Working desk. Kant´s “On Perpetual Peace”above.


Letters to the Sea, Feather and stone from the Island of Theos.


Stacks of thoughts, Healing Stone, kefalonian ocean water and small snail eremite, huge Cable-Snake passing



Hölderlin´s “Hyperion. The Eremite in Greece” written centuries ago.  Appreciated One Century after the poet died. Overwritten and -talked years ago.

The love and time of two true human beings with same dialect of origin.

For One Nature, One Country, One Ideal for ALL.
One has travelled to Greece only (?) in mind. The others manuscript lies in a wooden box ready to travel there with her in the near future exactly at the age when the other one was admitted with madness and stayed alone for the rest of his life. Flowers picked and dried by the “Eremite in Greece” last year.

In his and her time it must have been about the same…

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