Winter 2015

Another Dream. Anywhere in Nature. Masses of People going around tables full of babies. I go to a table on which I see a very tiny babygirl that giggles and dances under her blanket. When I lean over she moves towards me, grows bigger, her hair is brown, long and curly, her eyes are huge and blue. She seems to be a woman in the form of a mikrobaby. She moves her head towards mine, looks deep into my eyes and says in an irritating high tone: „Are you from Sirius, too?“. I answer quietly:“ I don´t know where I come from“. She giggles and dances and says: „Of course you are from Sirius!“. She takes my hand and that moment we are flying in Sinuscurves without any space and time giggling together.

Except the name I don´t know anything about Sirius. When I wake up I read that Sirius is a star in the system of the Canis Major which was often reffered to by old Egyptians, Greeks and others. Sirius A exists of Water and Helium and some people believe that Whales and Dolphins come from the little Sirius B accompinying Sirius A. But also there are some very wild theories about it that make me stop researching. Sometimes I feel it is better not to know. I start to believe I am totally crazy. But also I start to believe that some old folks and some other mammals we share our planet with know much more than us.

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