Homer. Odyssee. Detail. China Ink on Canvas

This Spring.

Dream again. I am sitting on any balkony. I look at the sky and see an eagle flying his rounds up there. I think: „What is this eagle doing here? There are no eagles in Berlin.“ The eagle starts coming down. Directly towards me, closer and closer. I am scared. The eagle lands on my arm and looks into my eyes. I see the peace and the wisdom in his eyes. I feel his weight on my arm and the feet keeping on to it. He touches my face, holds still, I start petting the eagle, feel the warmth of the body, the heartbeat, the softness of the feathers. I wake up. I feel great. Grateful. Grown. Old Shamans say: the eagle is a sign for wisdom and wealth.

This dream has formed another version of myself in reality. I now do believe my intuition and inner truth. I will continue my Art without any restrictions. I will no longer force myself to adapt and accept things in my life I do not feel I am capable or responsable of without loosing myself.

This day during my research on the Internet pops up the SEA´S Art Exhibition at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures on the Island of Kefalonia. I read the Philosophy of the Space, I read about an open Call, I stick to this homepage, get exited about the Projects being created there and I feel a sudden need to go there.

Passing my books Homer´s Odyssee falls in front of my feet. I put it back on Platon´s Politeia. Then I realize that these two books are waiting to be read for years and exactly what I am looking for. I start reading the Odyssee. In one oft he first chapters Athene appears as an Eagle. My whole body tells me that I have just made a connection from my dream to reality. I start questioning my thoughts, doubting my perception. To calm down I do my Bathtub Meditation. When I come out it is 4 and a half hours later. Time is an Illusion. Space is an Illusion. Whales and Dolphins were communicating to me. Believe it or not. I know. I sit at my desk. I start writing The °Water°World°Worth°Whirl° Project. I don´t stop until it is finished. I send it to the Ionion Center. Sophia Giannakis-Kagadis writes back and invites me to the Island Kefalonia. A few weeks later I have started two canvases, my art is forming two Nautilusses including the words of Platon´s Politeia and Homer´s Odyssee, I quit my sidejob, I packed my stuff. I went without knowing what will come but knowing it is a calling that will change my life in many ways.

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