From the beginning of my life I was drawn to water. I did not live by the Ocean, neither were many lakes and rivers around the little village I grew up in. Even though I was dreaming of it permanently. I remember a period in my early childhood, when I had a dream every night. I was standing on a cliff staring at the Ocean. I would raise my hands, jump down, fly slowly, dive deep in, feel great, feel home, feel alive, without any fear… and everytime I tried to reach the surface again I would wake up. Everyday I found myself lying on the floor next to my bed.

When I was sixteen I wanted to become an Ocean Biologist but I soon found out that the ways I learn are different to all the ways you will be educated at any school or in any system.

Being with the Ocean will heal my body and clear my soul right away. I feel without time, without space and without any borders in thinking and corresponding.

When I have to leave it, my soul becomes foggy, I cannot think clearly and noise, information overflow, machines and many people make me escape to my own little world in my room again.

Our World and our Body is mostly out of water. Leonardo da Vinci says „the Old believe that a human is an earth in small.“ Heraklit says „everything floats“. Other humans have changed the waterflow on earth. They have cut its natural ways and are permanently controlling other energies, too. We all shall be careful about controlling our own energies and be prepared not to also cut our own veines or the flow of thoughts.

I am posing the question: If water can understand music and words based on the research of Masaru Emoto (who made photographs of frozen Water Crystals to show that water coming from a spring or listening to Bach´s Music would form a perfect crystal whereas Water influenced by Heavy Metal Music or coming out of the tab forms a destroyed Crystal)… if water is information and we are creators of information or even information ourselves… Could water read our minds, our thoughts and what if…?

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