I am reading Novalis, drawing his lines in a Waterwhirl and thinking about that we are all kind of lost in a state of Kali Yuga Blues these days.


A Dream: All people important to me are in a city in another world in which everything appears to be newly recreated after any total collapse. Everyone is doing the same like in reality but behaves and looks different. I am searching for a space to exhibit. In a huge dark hall I see many little doors that lead to many little back rooms. As I look to the left I see a Pandabear coming out of one room. He beckons me over. I go and say „Hello Panda“ and he says: „Hello Julia. You know…Now is the time. It´s getting serious. Everyone has to do what he was sent here to do. We need to fulfill the calling. No human on earth is allowed to go on like this.“

I believe nothing and even less I believe in the system we have right now or in any system at all. To be honest I don´t even understand it. For me there are no borders, there are no differences in between any human or other beings on the planet. I believe all of us shall live in peace, in chaos, in freedom, in abundance, just like the wild animals do. I want to float like water, thrive like a tree, feel much, dive deep, think far and live in peace. I am not asking for much but will not stop asking questions. And I wonder if this might be the real nature of all human beings. Overall I see that we all are here for taking part in creating our reality and world.

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