Summer 2014

In the middle of Berlin Neukölln I wake up in the early morning as I hear a knock on my window. When I open the curtain I look straight into the eyes of a duck. It is directly facing me looking as if it had something important to tell. After a while the male duck disappears with his wife in the skies and I go back to sleep after wondering about that this was not a dream.

Old Shamans tell: „If a duck appears, you should think about the people you surround yourself with and ask if you might be isolating yourself too much.“. Whatever these Shamans tell… A few weeks later I have decided to quit isolation, to not worry about money any more and to not care about things or people´s opinions that make me doubt this decision. I have started to think and research about Water as everything floats and I have never had any moneyproblems since then.

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