I am sharing with you some very private insights in the next posts. I try not to feel ashamed about it as this is obviously part of testing my own personal borders and the words I have posted so far.

I am not a writer. I am a visual Artist and quite honestly feel a bit uncomfortable in the roll of a blogger. Friends are writing to me telling about they would like to share something but do not know what they could give or they first need to see what comes out of this. I cannot offer or answer you anything yet, I am inviting you to play along…I can open myself a bit more, maybe these insights make you understand what I mean by:  trust your intuiton and follow your own path…but more important: This Atomic Platonic Orchestra is not about me. It is about creating a platform and unite our powers for first creating a collective/collecting platform which later can grow into a Hollistic-Workshop-Conference-Exhibition.

The Artist shall create or show art. The Philosopher shall create or pose thoughts and questions, The Poet shall write or read, The Musician shall play his music…Everyone shall speak in his own language of his own field and interest.

I believe if we all share one dream of one humanity, live what is chosen by heart and approved by our free will and whole intellect we can create a system that suites us instead of adapting to a system that is not fitting us. And I believe we must not fight for that. We will be soft and open. We will be honest and peaceful. We will be sensitive and vulnerable. We will be awake and clear.

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