As a child I was a spiritual and thoughtful being that just couldn´t get rid of the feeling that it was thrown on a planet it does not belong to. From the age of one I was told by familymembers and doctors that I am almost blind. Influenced by this I started thinking that I might see and perceive this world differently than other people. I was very good in talking to animals and trees, the sky, the seas, nature itself and even things that do not exist in a rational Believe System. When it came to talking to people I was the opposite. I couldn´t even understand what they are thinking and talking about. I would be outside in nature or inside my room creating my own little world and phantasies in peace or I would argue with others and tell all the people to leave me alone. I am glad that I have grown a bit and become more social but actually I am still the same. My whole life as an artist has been created upon this.

I am trying to ask questions about this society comparing it to ancient societies. I never find any answers but what I find is that the ideas our world system is based on are not treating the natural system of this planet and its creatures very kindly.

I am attracted to the ideas of the old egyptians and greek philosophers, some thoughts of the romantic writers of the 18th century, some old shamans and myths… I find some soulmates in the Arts, in Philosophy and Poetry, in Music, but asked why I am doing art and how I would describe it, never I find a definition about what exactly it is. I just feel the urgent need to do so. Maybe I am searching intuitively to live a life outside of any Believe System and I am learning more.

Systems have always failed and people have always found solutions in order to step forward and create something else. No truth remains true forever. History is being told differently in different times and different countries. If some old thinkers we like to quote would live nowadays I believe they would think about other things, create something according to this period of time and reality, based on the experiences they made in this society and state of mind. Nevertheless, their thoughts are still alive, feeding and nurturing our thoughts and even some people´s daily lives.

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