I have to admit: In the past weeks my brain did not work properly. I was in a permanent state of obfusation. Although I have not watched television for over 20 years and although I mostly restrict myself from reading the news (as I am hypersensitive and often not able to do anything else but […]


Everyday I try to unlock perplexity. And everyday I find even more confusing news and impressions. I am trying to put the puzzle pieces together but actually –  I am speechless…about the oddity of this situation, about the spreading conformity of free persons and about the pondering silence of well-educated people. By now all of […]


Starting over. 2020. We have a new decade. And not only that… The whole planetary and thus our System is changing. We are swimming towards the Aquarian Age and the A P O is NOW …just perfect in time. From time to time it might feel strange, vexing, confusing, amazing and sometimes even overwhelming. Have […]


I was searching for light and got lost in the fog… I presaged some darkness and thus lost my love.   This is the law of attraction, my law with affection.   This is why I started writing this blog. And this is why I stopped for a long time.   This is why I […]


KOSMOTHEORIAS / ATTEMPTION ALPHA. SOLO EXHIBITOION IONION CENTER FOR THE ARTS AND CULTURES KEFALONIA. GREECE. 2017   Exhibition Plan. (Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures. Kefalonia. Summer) 2017 (Totally unfinished March of Million Question Marks forming a) World View  (in China Ink on Canvas 200×200 cm. Detail. Berlin. Winter) 2017 Berlin Winter Notebookquote of […]


FOR SOPHIE, THE SEA(S) AND ALL ANTHROPOGONOS PLANET OKEANOS As for these times My humankind I need to say I lack the words So let me use my brothers ones: We called the Earth One Flower of the Sky. The Sky we called the Infinite Garden of Life. Like Roses rejoice in tiny golden dust, […]


Kefalonia is not an Island. She is a person. Named after Cephalus.   This is what she looks like and this is what she feels like. She is a wild and angry person and not only that… She is transforming love and pain constantly.   Last year I came here to speak to the Ocean […]


Home is where the heart is, where your feet just find the way without you knowing. …where your brain just starts connecting the puzzle load of information from all within and all around. …where you meet brothers and sisters you have been knowing but missing before. … where you are suddenly able to find a […]


Apocalypse Perception  0 The Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures and A P O are calling Professional Creators to think about the words forming the title of this project and produce serious output based on reason and intuition both equally used to awaken solutions concerning our future. Apocalypse is what we are driven to […]